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August 14, 2005



Thanks for taking the time to send us your comments and post them here on our blog. For the last two days I've thought about what you wrote. Your comments are honest and correct. You've noticed some blemishes and faults. We'd like to say these items will be addressed and rectified immediately, but the reality is these are all human issues with many, many people who work here. They mean well, and make good efforts, but the results in a busy, small place like ours is not always perfect. Actually it's not close to perfect, partly because we as people are not perfect. We do have good intentions, but it can be very different on the other side of the counter, when it's busy and crowded. Sometimes things just don't flow smoothly. We appreciate your business and will continue to improve as quickly and as much as we can.


I love the food at Mani's and that's what keeps me coming back despite the often not so great service. Last time we ate breakfast there, I ordered a lemondade, but no one ever brought it, when I finally found my server we were almost done eating, so I said to just take the lemondade off the bill. We got the bill and it was still on there. The server made it up to me by giving me a $5 mani's card. Great, I was happy. I stopped by the other day to use it and got a couple coffees and was going to order a few pastries, but for some reason while one guy was getting something for me from the back, another girl rang me up before I even had a chance to get anything else. She of course never asked if I wanted anything else even though I was clearly not ready to check out and was busy looking in the case for some other items. There was a huge line at this point and I didn't want to hold the other customers up, so I decided to just pay and not get the other items. I gave her the gift card plus a credit card for the balance. She ran it through and then said there was a problem and could I wait just a minute. A minute turned into 10 while I waited for some other guy to get there and figure out what the problem was with the Mani's card (another 5 minutes). Meanwhile, I am just standing there with my coffes and pastry blocking everyones way and having to explain to other customers, "no, I'm not in line, I'm just waiting, go ahead of me". All that annoyace, just so the guy could ring up my credit card for a measuly couple of bucks . You guys really make it hard for me to keep coming back because it is always something!


Thanks for responding! I am sure it is going to be like the first time I had it, see you soon!!


Andrew: Thanks for taking the time to tell us your thoughts on the Spinach Nest. Even though guests consider this a popular item, we've made a substantial change to the potato pancake which changes both the flavor and consistency of the Nest's main ingredient, the potato pancake. I'd like to invite you both to try a tasting of this at your convenience. We very much consider your comment(s) important and have made changes based on your feedback. Thanks!


What happened to the spinach nest?
It used to be so delicous, but then something happened. First off, the amount of spinach went from plenty, to almost none. The potato pancakes are always wilted and soft, and the hollandaise sauce is watery and tasteless.
My server asked me how everything was, and when I told her of my dissapointment over the cooking of the "nest", her solution was simple....
"you should order something else"
I hope your meeting in the park included the dismissal of this complacent employee.

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