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September 04, 2005



How about adding a little love to those "Helping Hand Cookies" with tofu vanilla cream or chocolate truffle cream. Two hands are better than one, right?

Sherrie Woodbury

Please consider splitting your generous donations with the ten's of thousands of animal companions who have also been left homeless.

Many of your most loyal customers are 4-footed and their brethren need help as well, not to mention their guardians who purchase yummy Mani's goodies!

Here is information on donating to Best Friends, who are on-site in Mississippi and Louisiana now and desperating need funds.

Best Friends Animal Society is taking immediate efforts to build an army of support for the animals suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Staff members are currently on site with St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, located 100 miles north of New Orleans, Louisiana. St. Francis currently has facilities for about 400 dogs and cats, and we consider them a sister sanctuary.

Our Director of Operations, Paul Berry, is now in metro New Orleans, working with Bert Smith, Director of Animal Control for Jefferson Parish. They are currently rounding up as many stray animals as possible, and transporting them to the St. Francis Sanctuary for shelter.

Another team from Best Friends set off in a convoy for Louisiana Thursday morning, carrying food, generators, fencing, and many other supplies.

We are now in a position to accept any and all offers of help. We need volunteers and supplies to assist in the rescue and placement of all of the animal refugees. St. Francis Sanctuary is being inundated with animals, and they have very limited space remaining. They have a very limited food supply, and only one well with no power to pump water. If anyone offer assistance in terms of volunteering, fostering, transportation, or other efforts, please contact us at (435) 644-2001 x398, or at [email protected]

Monetary Donations: No matter where you live or what you are able to physically do, you can always help the survivors by donating money to the hurricane relief effort. Any monies raised will go to help those animals and animal rescue organizations effected by the disaster. Monetary donations can be made by going onto our website at https://www.bestfriends.org/donate/index.cfm or by calling (435) 644-2001 x104.

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