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October 06, 2005



Andrew: Thanks for taking the time to tell us your thoughts on the Spinach Nest. Even though guests consider this a popular item, we've made a substantial change to the potato pancake which changes both the flavor and consistency of the Nest's main ingredient, the potato pancake. I'd like to invite you both to try a tasting of this at your convenience. We very much consider your comment(s) important and have made changes based on your feedback. Thanks!


the chocolate truffle heart cookie is a perfect dessert or snack for lovebirds to share...we drove from manhattan beach to fairfax just to have this last night for dessert...my boyfriend was surprised to see that mani's serves burgers and would like to see a heart-shaped hamburger stuffed with maytag blue cheese...

What happened to the spinach nest?

What happened to the spinach nest?
It used to be so delicous, but then something happened. First off, the amount of spinach went from plenty, to almost none. The potato pancakes are always wilted and soft, and the hollandaise sauce is watery and tasteless.
My server asked me how everything was, and when I told her of my dissapointment over the cooking of the "nest", her solution was simple....
"you should order something else"
I will order something else....from somewhere else.

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